I offer counselling, mentoring and life coaching. Journey through my 'Sparrow Counselling " programs and counselling sessions . I'm qualified and specialised in various therapeutic methods. Based on scripture in Mathew 10:29-31 ......"You are more valuable than many sparrows. " and because of my personal experiences with trauma I hold the conviction that no one needs struggle through their healing or spiritual journeys alone. Everyone should be able to discover their unique gifts and purpose.

My book "Keys to Unlock the Treasures of Heaven" is a personal, practical in-depth guide to equip and motivate everyone to press into the spirit realm for themselves. Through my personal journey and use of biblical keys, I help you understand the unseen realm. This book also explores different methods and tools to decode divine encounters, visions, dreams and prophetic words. The keys will assist you in a progressive, ongoing journey of removing layers of resistance and fear.

#COMING SOON : Join me on an Ecoures where you discover your unique hidden talents, gifts and spiritual sphere of influences . Go on a guided journey of the "Keys to unlock the treasures of heaven."
Ecourse will include workbook, videos and personal one on one mentoring.
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