Counseling for teens and young children.

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I'm a qualified counsellor in Integrated Transpersonal approach, Carl Rogers - person centered method, Psychodynamics, CBT, Gestalt, Jung, Play therapy , Eric Erikson, Egan. I have advanced certified play therapy qualifications with the 'Red shoes" play therapy by PR Rinda Blom .

Carl Jung : Looking at Religion, Spirituality, & Personal Meaning and how it manifests from the psyche’s yearning for a balanced state of consciousness and unconsciousness simultaneously. Focusing on specific archetypes and patterns that dictate how people process psychic images. Throughout history and across all cultures, mythology and dream study have maintained a common thread.

GESTALT : principles, proximity, similarity, figure-ground, continuity, closure, and connection, describe how humans perceive visuals in connection with different objects and environments.

Eric H Erikson - Socio-Emotional Development

Egan’s three stage model of problem solving is used to help counsellees look at the solutions they have chosen in a realistic way. It gives the counsellor a framework to help the counsellee to make plans that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely (SMART goals )

The needs that motivate human behaviour, as proposed by Maslow with his five step model

Melanie Klein :  object relations theory.[7]The theory of psychoanalysis based on the assumption that all individuals have within them an internalized, and primarily unconscious realm of relationships. These relationships refer not only to the world around the individual, but more specifically to other individuals surrounding the subject.

 Anna Freud, who presented theoretical arguments for the use of play as a means to build a positive relationship between the child and therapist, thus allowing the therapist better access to a child’s inner thoughts and emotions

Carl Rogers,  person-centered therapy  emphasizes the importance of genuineness, trust, and acceptance in the therapeutic relationship.

Virginia Axline, who developed nondirective play therapy by modifying Rogers’ approach into a play therapy technique that was more appropriate for children.

SPECIALIZES : In trauma, PTSD and sand tray therapy.

WORK EXPERIENCE : Edge Church counseling department , Phillipi Trust, 1000 Women ( Gender based violence ) facilitator, moderator, life coach and trauma counseling .