In Life Coaching and mentoring I will guide you on a journey of discovering your gifting, skills, abilities and assist you with making decisions, setting goals, defining direction and accountability.

  • Category: mentoring and sand tray therapy
  • Duration: 01:45 Hours
  • More Info: P.O.Box 3300




SPECIALIZES : In trauma, PTSD and life coaching.

WORK EXPERIENCE : Edge Church counseling department , Phillipi Trust, 1000 Women ( Gender based violence ) facilitator, moderator, life coach and trauma counseling .

I make use of these therapeutic ideologies and methods.

  • CBT, automatic thoughts, assumptions, and core beliefs. Anxiety depression and other intrusive thoughts. Discovering identity, focus, skills and gifts .
  • JUNG, communication, social skills, thoughts and automatic behaviours .
  • Gestal - projection, confrontation and guidance.
  • Eric Berne - games people play and transactional analysis.
  • Brene Brown - vulnerability and authenticity, shame and guilt.
  • Kirsten Neff - self care and compassion
  • James Pennebaker - journaling and writing
  • Gabor Mante - addictions and perfectionism
  • The needs that motivate human behaviour, as proposed by Maslow with his five step model
  • Eric H Erikson - Socio-Emotional Development.
  • Modern Transactional Analysis theory operates as; a Theory of Personality; a Model of Communication; a Study of Repetitive Patterns of Behaviour.
  • Egan’s three stage model of problem solving and (SMART goals )
  • Karpman’s Drama Triangle
  • Dr Caroline Leaf - brain function 
  • Edith Eğer - Choice and focus on hope
  •  Daniel G Amen - Hidden DRAGONS and Taming your dragons and hang -ups, habits and happiness.